I searched for flying fields in Hong Kong but the ones I found were mostly too far away in the new territories. The only hope I have is for happy Valley racecourse which is walking distance from our hotel and has a public park in it's centre. The park is closed when there is a race meeting on. We will only be there for 2 whole days (Sunday and Monday) I will try to have a fly on Sunday. I hadn't counted on the tail end of a typhoon hanging around to spoil the party. Happy Valley turned out to be no good. It is way too built up with giant light poles everywhere. We headed over to Kowloon and did some shopping I bought a "copy watch" in the ladies market at Mong Tok. We also visited "Radar rc" a great hobby shop that sells TWM and The Wingsmaker planes.
The next day we were off to Bangkok our last stop before heading home. I was determined to have at least one fly in Bangkok. There are a few clubs around Bangkok that have strips. Some of them have facilities that include powered pit boxes and even boys who will start, retrieve, and clean your plane for a small fee. We could sure use something like that at our field!
After a look on google maps It looked like a park called Sanam Luang which is used by kite flyers might be OK. it happened to be near the Grand Palace that was on our list of sites to visit. On our way to visit it we went right past the park in the taxi and it looked good except for all the activity. At 6.30 am on our last day in Thailand I called a taxi and headed off with my trusty P-51 . (It cost me 200 Baht about $7.00 au, which included the driver waiting for me to have a fly and then to take me back to the hotel.
Rod Green: Around the world in 40 days. Part 4
Taxis are very cheap in Bangkok costing about $1.00'flag fall and 20c/km. On arrival I found the entrance and a couple of attendants came over, had a look at my plane and TX and gave me the thumbs up, so up I went. It was quite exotic with the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha as a backdrop unfortunately that the last fly of the trip, and as we made our way back to the hotel I felt a bit sad that such an exciting adventure was over.
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