Finally we figured out that to get a day with light winds we had to travel south. Nimes and Arles are 2 towns about 60km south of Avignon. We headed on down and whilst there visited two clubs, the first (in Nimes) was called "Association Gardoise D' Aeromodelisme" they have a small bitumen strip in a great location on one side of the local aerodrome. There wasn't anyone there and the gate wasn't locked so we took the liberty of going through and over to their facility. I had a quick fly of my FunFighter.
Rod Green: Around the world in 40 days. Part 2
Then it was time for some lunch. The cost of eating out in France isn't high and the food is good. There are very few fast food outlets, but lots of small cafes that serve excellent food .


After lunch we headed for the town of Bellegarde about 15km from Nimes, using the GPS coordinates we searched and nearly gave up when we found the strip (luckily) because there was somebody there and the chain across the entrance was down. We drove right on in and parked. We met and introduced ourselves to Marc who spoke quite good English, (much better than my French ). The facilities there were pretty primitive but we didn't mind as we only wanted to have a quick fly and take a few pics before we continued on our way.
Overall the French people have been very friendly and their website have given us comprehensive directions to get to their club's facilities.

Our next stop will be Birmingham in the midlands of the UK. But first the TGV back to Paris and a quick flight direct to Birmingham.


In Birmingham: I tried to contact flying clubs in the Birmingham area but didnt have any luck. Unlike france there were no location details.The weather was good and it didn't take me long to find a field to have a fly. Perry Hall playing fields was about 7km from the hotel, we had a renter and went for a drive to have a look. Perry Hall is an enormous park with 8 cricket ovals set out in the park as well as a playground and a duck pond. There were too many people about to have a fly as it was Sunday. We decided that I should come back the next day when it would be a bit quieter. Monday was fine so I headed off early and was soon at the field. It was and I was able to chalk up a fly in Birmingham.
Our next adventure was 7 days on a narrow boat on the canals around Nuneaton. In and around towns like Rugby, Coventry, and Oxford. I made the most of any opportunities to fly that came along, although it was quite windy most of the time, which didn't suit my small models. Luckily the FunFighter was OK in the wind.
Unfortunately most of the parks or fields we found were quite small. On one day though, we had perfectly calm and clear morning. We were moored alongside a farmers field of about 5 acres. Whilst keeping an eye out for the farmer I was able to spend a few hours having a go of the funfighter, the mini radjet and even my micro heli.
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Whilst cruising around I made contact with the Nuneaton Aeromodellers Club and arranged to catch up with them the day after our narrow boat cruise. As luck would have it they were holding their anniversary fly in on that day which was great.
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